"Our billing relationship with PDS has evolved into a true business partnership."

Dr. Anthony

"PDS has delivered real value in multiple engagements I've been involved with.  I've recommended them more times than any other PM firm or consultant because they come in and get the work done, not just talk about it."

Eric Beyer
Physician Organization CEO

"I have turned to PDS often during the last 20+ years to help strengthen and build new relationships with our medical staff.  I view them as valuable members of my administrative team."

Randy Rolfe
Hospital CEO

"I have really appreciated how you and your organization have been there for me over the years.  I always give out your name when someone asks me about billing services."

Dr. Callery
General Surgeon

"Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you and your staff do. I truly don't have to worry about my billing getting done and done right. It is just such a relief to not have to think about it!"

D. Myers, NP
Wound Care Specialist

"Our 120+ account balances and days in A/R run significantly lower than the national average. PDS has helped us achieve the consistently high financial performance we need to remain successful in these challenging times."

Dr. Canowitz
Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

"PDS is the next best thing to in-house billing without all the work! They keep you in the loop and involved with near real-time correspondence, reports, and direct communication by e-mail or phone. We couldn't be happier with our move to PDS."

D. Malone, Administrator
Specialty Obstetrics of San Diego

"I will always be grateful for the wonderful, and very professional service PDS provided for me through the years. Your staff is great!"

Dr. Pund

"Thank you very much for putting this together for me so fast.  It has made all the difference with the coverage that I am doing at the hospital and saved me about $7K in potential lost wages.  Thanks again!"

Dr. Padilla
Orthopedic Surgeon

"PDS helped me successfully transition from a large group back into private practice years ago and has continued to be an excellent resource for contracting, billing, bookkeeping, employment issues, and management advice."

Dr. Kaplan

"I've been a client for over 15 years now and have always been very satisfied with my billing service.  I continue to recommend PDS to my colleagues with confidence whenever they're looking for a new billing company."

Dr. Mercandetti
Allergy & Pulmonary Medicine


why pds?

Because integrity matters.

Dedication to delivering a consistently high level of service, combined with honesty, candor, responsiveness, and accountability are the guiding principles of PDS.

We believe that the quality of our work is a reflection of our corporate character. We emphasize quality over quantity, accuracy over expediency, doing it right over just getting it done. We set high standards and then continuously strive to exceed them, because we understand that your business, and ours, depends on it.

Because experience matters.

The medical billing industry is filled with newcomers to the field, both large and small. Individuals with little experience and limited resources can purchase a computer and some billing software and declare themselves "open for business". Physicians choosing this option risk decreased collections and erratic cash flow because "mom and pop shops" simply don't have the resources necessary to support more than a few clients.

At the other end of the spectrum, many EMR software developers are now trying to re-invent themselves as medical management companies. Why? The answer is recurring revenue. They know that system sales come and go, but shareholders expect continuous growth. Deeply discounting their software prices upfront can often entice physicians to enter into long-term billing contracts at above-market rates. The problem is that software development skills don't translate into billing and collection expertise. The end result is often disappointment and frustration for the unsuspecting physician.

PDS has been in the billing and practice management business exclusively since 1983. We have the right combination of size, strength, and stability to meet the unique needs of the private practitioner.

Because people matter.

Technology isn't everything, although many in our industry believe that it is.  They think that most coding, reimbursement, and collection challenges can be overcome simply through better software design. We've been around long enough to know better.

woman attending seminarWhile we certainly take full advantage of the latest advances in software and web-based resources, we also recognize that these are tools that must be effectively utilized by a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. We continuously invest in our people, providing them not only with the best tools of the trade, but also with ongoing training, webinars, newsletters, and other valuable educational resources.  We promote continuing education and share the tuition cost with our employees when they obtain a Certified Procedural Coder (CPC) credential or complete a class in key areas such as business communications or human resources.